Dylan Phillips is a lighting designer from Atlanta, GA. His work seeks the connective tissue between physical action and the space around it. And he lights things. Some things follow.

Brief Chronicle: Book 6-8 (Son of Semele), Heads Up, ONEANOTHER, Dearly Departures, Honey You Know Where to Find Me (Lucky Penny), THE END, THE END, THE END... (Edinburgh Fringe) Jackie (CalArts School of Theater), COBBLEFUCK STONETOWN (California Men), 5 Seasons, Aesthetics Parade, Unstable Floor (CalArts School of Dance), Metaphysics of a Two Head Calf, Nightwalk in the Chinese Garden (Center for New Performance), Dance Truck @ Elevate (Elevate ATL), Sanity Ceremonies (Helen Hale), The Liberated Accident (Core Dance), Sound of Falling (Heidi Duckler Dance), Dad’s Garage and Friends, Little Tybee, Black Lips, Faun and a Pan Flute, So Coco, Mac Demarco: Salad Days (Goat Farm Arts Center).